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Boiler welding

C&I Boiler Repair Inc. has 40 different ASME certified welding procedures used in the industry to ensure that your required maintenance and new construction jobs are a success. C&I Boiler Repair Inc. has complete shut down capabilities and can serve all of your pressure part, overlay, and structural welding needs. We at C&I Boiler Repair pride ourselves in our abilities to achieve excellence and make the turn around a success. Some of our major replacement and maintenance operations include:

* Water Wall replacement
* Super Heater Element replacement
* Generating Bank replacement
* Roof Tube replacement
* Inconel Overlay
* Drum repair
* Header repair
* A.S.M.E. Section 1, A.S.M.E. Section 8 (Pressure Vessels)
TIG Welding by C & I Boiler Technician

C&I Boiler Repair also currently has 40 single and dual process qualified procedures to meet your welding needs. If we do not have a procedure in place to meet your needs, we are capable of developing procedures to fulfill your requirements. Some of our most commonly used procedures include:

* Gas Tungsten ARC Welding (GTAW) (Heliarc Welding)
GTAW is an arc welding process that uses a nonconsumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. GTAW allows for stronger, higher quality welds.
-A wide range of Carbons
-1 ¼% Chrome
-2 ¼% Chrome
-Stainless Steel

* Gas Metal ARC Welding (GMAW) (MIG Welding)
-Pressure welds for various metals
-Weld Build Up of eroded base materials
-Overlay for Stainless Steel
-Overlay for Inconels

* Shielded Metal ARC Welding (SMAW) (Stick Welding)
-A wide range of Carbons
-1 ¼% Chrome
-2 ¼% Chrome
-Stainless Steel

*Stud Welding Semi-Automatic process for Pressure Parts